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                  日 期:2016-12-01 17:11:29
                  作 者:華拓管理咨詢






                  健行公司:   紅紅火火,一展鴻圖

                  健行員工: 健健康康,龍行天下



                   Better step shoes company on-site management improve project successfully finished

                   Better step shoes company, owned professional production equipment, research and development staff, and

                   Experienced technicians, capable to design and produce fashionable medical shoes,orthopedic shoes. Products are exported to the United States, Australia, Europe and other countries and regions.

                   "Strong horse walk on the Horizon; the king walk on the word." Let each customer obtain healthy and happiness from the product, is the biggest wish of the every employee

                  From Better step!

                  Since its founding, the enterprise is busy with business expansion, technology and capacity  investment, in order to meet the requirement of the overall development of modern enterprises, all managers are engaged in enhancing the overall management level, so sincerely invited HUATUO management consulting company to guide site management ((From the production line layout to the management of the development and improvement of the system)  and management training (from the operation of equipment to the improvement of various types of sheets) for several times , help improving quality management system, on-site management system, production quality management and quality knowledge of training, access to the management of the system, Received the high opinion from the United States and other customers.
                  Here to congratulate:
                  Better step Company:   Booming,and a glorious future
                  Better step  staff:    More and more healthy, Bravely to the world!



                  Following are the part photos about the comparison effect of the site management improvement Before and after improvement


                  前臺  改善前 

                  The reception , before improvement


                  前臺  改善后    

                  The reception, after improvement   


                  生產車間(裁斷區) 改善前 

                  Before the improvement of production workshop (cutting area)



                  Production workshop (cutting area)  after improvement


                  生產車間(勐鞋落底區  改善前

                  Production workshop ( area of Sticky shoes and bottom)  before improvement


                  生產車間(勐鞋落底區)  改善后

                  Production workshop ( area of Sticky shoes and bottom)  after improvement


                  生產車間(全檢包裝區) 改善前

                  Production workshop (full inspection and  packing area) before improvement



                  生產車間(全檢包裝區) 改善后 

                  Production workshop (full inspection and  packaging area) improved


                  發料區  改善前 

                  Distribute material area  before improvement


                  發料區  改善后 

                  Distribute material area  After the improvement


                  整體環境  改善前 

                  Overall environmental before improvement


                  整體環境  改善后 

                  Overall environmental after improvement



                  Site management training




                  At the factory gate





                  Huatuo consulting official website: www.astepabovegallery.com
                        Huatuo consulting WeChat public number: Management consulting micro Journal


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